Nigeria denies lesbian soccer ban, leading pastor calls LGBT “demonic”


As Nigeria’s Football Federation denied reports that it has banned any lesbian soccer players from the country’s national team or its domestic league, a top pastor lashed out at the LGBT community, saying they are “demonic” and “disfigure” God’s plan.

Wole Oladiyun, of the Christ Livingspring Apostolic Ministry (CLAM), said that gay sex is akin to “prostitution, adultery and fornication,” adding that oral sex “dishonors people, [and is]unhygienic and dirty.”

Local media reported that the leading Christian figure said that “homosexualism, lesbianism, beastialism and incest will disfigure your glory. God hates them.”

Nigeria is currently looking at passing new legislation that would see the LGBT community imprisoned for up to 14 years if discovered.

“Prostitution, adultery and fornication will grieve a glorious destiny. May I equally add that men and women sucking their private parts are damaging their glories. Demonic partners have done a lot of havoc through this act,” the pastor was quoted as saying.

“Honestly, it is simply unhygienic and dirty,” he continued.

It comes on the heels of the soccer fiasco, that saw the head of the Nigeria Women Football League (NWFL) Dilichukwu Onyedinma reportedly say that lesbians, if discovered, would be barred from playing soccer in the country.

“Any player associated with it will be disqualified,” she is quoted as saying.

Although FIFA has anti-discrimination policies in place, for many African countries such as Nigeria where homosexuality is illegal, it has confounded an already difficult situation.


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