Gender reassignment surgery now included in Colorado State University’s health care plan


Colorado State University (CSU) will become the 37th university to include gender reassignment surgery in their health care plan for students, offering $10,000 worth of coverage for the survey at no additional cost to any policy-holder. 

Each year, the school goes through a renegotiation process regarding health coverage. While last year’s insurance plan was attentive to gender inclusivity, it did not include reassignment surgery. 

Director of the CSU Health Network, Anne Hudgens, who pushed for this progressive change in health care services, said in a statement, “I deeply believe that health care coverage should work for all persons. It was an inquiry that was met with a positive response..”

The plan will go into effect as of August 2013. 

25 other colleges do not provide coverage for surgery, but do have insurance plans with hormone therapy coverage. As of just six years ago, no colleges were providing this service, reports The New York Times.


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