Big companies beginning to focus on LGBT consumers



Microsoft is the latest company to come out with an ad that supports the LGBT community. The advert is promoting the latest features to stay connected on their campaign and includes a scene with a lesbian wedding and kiss. The company says the advert was meant to send a public message that they stand behind marriage equality.

“This ad campaign highlights how provides a modern email experience for modern people. And so our ads depict modern relationships found in today’s society and showcase how helps get you up-to-date,” a spokesperson for Micrsoft told 429Magazine. “Overall, we’ve seen a very positive reaction to – across the product experience and the marketing.”

Microsoft isn’t the only company running national ad campaigns that include LGBT couples. Kindle also has a commercial running on all major networks with a married gay couple. Volkswagen had LGBT billboards. Ellen DeGeneres is the face of CoverGirl cosmetics. And Absolut Vodka is the official sponsor of Rupaul’s Drag Race. 

Of course, some of these ads are sparking some controversy, like a Harvey Nichols ad showing what looks like two women kissing, but it seems that it’s becoming more common to have some kind of LGBT representation in advertising campaigns. 

A GM Chevrolet Volt ad ran in a small, Michigan based LGBT publication, aimed at sparking interest among LGBT consumers who, based on a marketing survey, like more expensive, fuel efficient cars. The ad showed the new Volt “coming out” to two older generation cars with the phrase, “Mom, Dad. I’m electric” and a rainbow banner along the bottom. The company didn’t expect the ad to go viral, garnering over 11 million views on various social media channels. 

LGBT consumers are a desirable demographic, and major companies are beginning to catch up with the idea that inclusive business and advertising leads to beneficial results. 



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