Conservative PAC says Republican Senator’s gay son will die of AIDs


In response to Republican Senator Rob Portman’s op/ed revealing his change of opinion concerning same-sex marriage and revealing that his son is gay, conservative political action committee Government is Not God wrote a post on their blog, denouncing the Senator. They wrote that Portman’s son will die of AIDs, other sexually transmitted diseases, or oral cancer, and called transgender people “fake females.”

From the website:

Senator Rob Portman has announced that he supports so-called “gay” marriage. Why? Because his son told him he was “gay” two years ago.

According to Portman, he talked this over with former Vice President Dick Cheney (who has a lesbian daughter) and his pastor and has concluded that “love” and “compassion” taught in the Bible compels him to accept homosexuality and his “gay” son.

Portman has conveniently ignored the warnings against the sin of homosexuality in both the Old and New Testaments – and is accepting a behavior that may eventually kill his son from AIDS, other sexually transmitted diseases, or oral cancer.

Homosexual sex is ultimately just as destructive as cocaine use. Would Portman suddenly call for the legalization of cocaine if his son had announced that he was a cocaine addict? Would that be “loving” and “compassionate”?

Will Portman support “group” marriage – which is the next phase of the gay agenda?

What if his son had announced that he’s really a girl trapped inside a boy’s body – and wanted a “sex change” operation? Would Portman support his son’s mutilation of his male body to become a fake female? How would that be loving?

Or, what if his son had been involved in insider trading and ripped off thousands of investors? Would he support his son’s behavior and call for the legalization of insider trading?

What sort of core values motivate a U.S. Senator to change his mind about a sexually destructive behavior simply because his son is involved in it? What will happen to Rob Portman’s belief system when he discovers that his son is infected with HIV or throat cancer?

A person with a same-sex attraction has a treatable condition. No one is “born gay” and there is hope for those who want to overcome these destructive behaviors.

In Portman’s original op/ed, he wrote, “I’ve come to the conclusion that for me, personally, I think this is something that we should allow people to do, to get married, and to have the joy and stability of marriage that I’ve had for over 26 years,” wrote Portman in his op/ed. “That I want all of my children to have, including our son, who is gay.”

The Yale University student came out to his parents when he was a freshman in college. The senator wrote, “[Will] said he’d known for some time, and that his sexual orientation wasn’t something he chose; it was simply a part of who he is. Jane [Portman’s wife] and I were proud of him for his honesty and courage.”

Senator Portman also wrote that when his son first told them he way gay they, “…were surprised to learn he is gay but knew he was still the same person he’d always been. The only difference was that now we had a more complete picture of the son we love.”

Senator Portman also confided in former US Vice-President Dick Cheney. Cheney’s daughter, Mary, is an out lesbian.  Portman said that he asked Ceney for some guidance and advice. Cheney gave him the advice to “Follow your heart.”

“I think we should be allowing gay couples the joy and stability of marriage,” Portman told,

The Senator ended his op/ed with, “As we strive as a nation to form a more perfect union, I believe all of our sons and daughters ought to have the same opportunity to experience the joy and stability of marriage.”

Portman’s son tweeted out early Friday morning, “Especially proud of my dad today.”


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