John McCain won’t stop opposing marriage equality


US Senator John McCain, known for his sometimes progressive views in opposition to the Republican Party’s status quo, said on Friday he would not change his position on marriage equality and continue to vote against it whenever he could.

McCain told CNN’s Anderson Cooper on Friday that the country would not see him change his mind, as the issue is at odds with his beliefs.

“I respect anyone else’s decision and we all learn in life and grow and mature. I have changed my position on other issues in my life, but on this one, I had not contemplated changing my position,” he said.

His comments came after Ohio Republican Senator Rob Portman said that he would be supporting marriage equality after revealing that his son is gay. But McCain said that this would not see him waver in his belief system that does not allow for marriage equality.

For the Arizona senator, voting for marriage equality could be a boost to his efforts to get re-elected, if he chooses to run for another term, after his recent close battle in the last poll.

A recent study by pro-marriage equality group Freedom to Marry found that 97 percent of legislators who support marriage equality succeed in winning their re-election campaigns.

“Our survey results means it actually helps the re-election process,” Freedom to Marry’s Founder and President Evan Wolfson told 429Magazine.

“It’s a winner and the center of gravity for marriage equality is shifting. It’s in our favor and it’s the right thing politically,” he added.

But even the statistics seem not to concern McCain.


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