New poll shows vast majority of Americans support marriage equality


A new poll revealed much higher than expected support for marriage equality in the United States.

58 percent of Americans support marriage equality while 36 percent agree that it should be illegal, according to the Washington Post-ABC News poll.

“We are pleased with the results as its consistent with other polls,” Equality California Spokesperson Steve Roth told 429Magazine. “It shows the tide of opinion is turning with a resounding favor in marriage equality.”

The poll summed up 1,001 adults from March 7 to 10. 37 percent of Americans agreed that marriage equality should be legal while 55 percent opposed it in 2003, exactly a decade ago.

“The speed of public opinion is astonishing,” said Roth. “There’s a high support in the young demographic and it continues to be more promising.”

Amongst young voters from age 18 to 29, 81 percent agree that marriage equality should be legal while 44 percent agree on marriage equality from the 65 and over age demographic.

“Except for evangelical support, everyone supports the freedom to marry,” Freedom to Marry’s Founder and President Evan Wolfson told 429Magazine. “The younger you are, the more you support the freedom to marry.”

Public opinion on the nature of homosexuality sees better approval with 62 percent of Americans agrees that you are “born that way.”

The Supreme Court will debate the issue next week.

The poll said that two-thirds of Americans agree that it should be decided on the basis of the US Constitution and not by each individual state.

The most recent states to approve marriage equality include Maryland, Maine and Washington.


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