Dad’s note to gay son is media sensation


A dad’s note to his son has become an instant media sensation after FCKH8 posted it on their Facebook and Twitter pages on March 14.

The son, Nate, was overheard by his dad over his plans to come out to his parents, but his father, saving him the nerve-wracking conversation, he wrote a short and sweet note about how he’s known Nate’s been gay since he was 6 and he’s loved him since he was born.

The note ended on a lighter note with the ending “ps your mom and I think that you and Mike make a cute couple.”

FCKH8’s Luke Montgomery told 429Magazine that he posts a bunch of things that fans of their Facebook and Twitter pages send them, including signs, LGBT cakes, projects and other funny and heartwarming pictures, but they haven’t seen any other post have this sort of major reaction.

“I saw this picture and just cried,” Montgomery said. “We knew it was a sweet note but we didn’t expect it to be crazy huge.”

The note was sent by a 16-year-old from Michigan named Nate.

Montgomery told 429Magazine that although every media outlet has been trying to get in touch with the father-son duo, they wanted to stay out of the spotlight because they live in a rural area of Michigan and Nate is not out to his peers, but they still wanted the message of parental acceptance out there.

FCKH8 is an organization that sells t-shirts with LGBT tag lines such as, “some chicks marry chicks get over it,” to raise money for other LGBT organizations.

Their Facebook page has gained close to 30,000 new fans since the note was posted and Montgomery said that besides their very first video, which received a few million views this is the next thing has brought them major media attention.


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