UK police arrest man over death of gay socialite


Nottingham police have announced they arrested a man and have charged him with the murder of gay socialite Roberto Charles Troyan in central London’s Mayfair. According to Metropolitan Police in the England city, 36-year-old David Jeffs will appear at Croydon Magistrates Court on Wednesday.

The 63-year-old Troyan was found dead in his flat on March 8 as a result of head injuries in his central London apartment.

The murder had sparked much controversy in the UK, with activists having called for greater police presence and investigation into the incident. It appears their pleas have been heard.

One of Troyan’s friends, Sean McGuigan, reportedly told the London Evening Standard that his friend was “too trusting.”

He continued to say that “a lot of people around him were after his money. He had some incredibly expensive antiques in his flat including a vase worth £100,000.

“He was incredibly trusting, too trusting. He would lavish gifts on people and was quite carefree with his money.”

Violence against the LGBT community is uncommon in the UK and while the murder has sparked fears of an increase in anti-gay activities, police in England told 429Magazine that they do not see this as any sort of serial incident.

“It is likely a crime of passion or anger and is not related, we believe, to wider attacks on the gay population of Britain,” a police official said, asking that their name remain anonymous.


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