It’s official: Batwoman engaged to girlfriend Maggie Sawyer


Batwoman #18, the most recent issue of the heroine’s comic series, revealed that she and girlfriend Maggie Sawyer are now officially engaged to be married.

The issue is more devoted to action and intrigue than domestic bliss, but reveals that the couple are apartment-hunting. Batwoman is too busy with other matters to allow her civilian self, Kate Kane, to make an appearance, but Maggie is seen touring a place, with a mention that her fiancée “works nights.”

Their requirements for a shared home included room for separate offices, exercise equipment and a considerable amount of electrical and broadband access, so it’s clear that their vision of domestic bliss isn’t going to involve retirement for either of them anytime soon.

No word on details regarding the eventual wedding (including its legality in Gotham, apparently located in New Jersey), but the marriage of the couple who just made history as the first lesbian engagement in mainstream American comics will no doubt be something to remember.


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