Venues respond to Michelle Shocked’s anti-gay rant, cancel shows


Indie-Folk singer Michelle Shocked lived up to her name, shocking an audience at her recent show at Yoshi’s in San Francisco by stopping midway through her set to give an antigay speech, causing patrons to walk out and having her show canceled mid performance. 

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In her rant, Shocked said “God hates fags,” and that “when they stop Prop 8 and force priests at gunpoint to marry gays, it will be the downfall of civilization, and Jesus will return.” According to audience members, she encouraged people to go public about her rant, saying that they can Tweet what she said.

Yoshi’s has never stopped a show before, and the incident caused 10 out of the 11 shows on Shocked’s national tour to be canceled. 

Alec Cox booked Shocked for her show at the end of April in Eugene, Oregon, but told 429Magazine that his venue, Cozmic, is an all ages, community based place – and didn’t feel this show would be right for their stage.

ETown Hall in Boulder, Colorado would have been one of her last US stops, and their public relations rep, Zack Littlefield told 429Magazine they’ve had a relationship with Shocked before, and are saddened to hear about the antigay remarks.

“Michelle has been on our radio broadcast 13 times so we are more concerned about her and hope she gets through whatever it is she’s going through,” Littlefield said. “We got messages from our audience about what she had said and it doesn’t align with what our values are.”

The one venue that didn’t cancel was Harmony Bar in Madison, Wisconsin. Their reps told 429Magazine that they can’t confirm or deny that the show is still on until their boss returned in a few days.

The singer is a self-proclaimed born again Christian who in the early 1990s openly talked about her sexual experience with a woman and joked about being one.

Since the controversy began over the weekend, Shocked has released an open letter retracting what she said. 

“I do not, nor have I ever, said or believed that God hates homosexuals (or anyone else),” she wrote. “I said that some of His followers believe that.’ 

She then went on to say she didn’t know how to fully express herself, but she apologizes to the fans that she lost and that are disappointed in her. “¨


Michelle Shocked 2nd Yoshi’s set by therealtofuandwhiskey

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