Lesbian Virgin Mary sparks outcry in Croatia


Anger is rising among Croatia’s Christian population after two students, both lesbian, are depicted as the Virgin Mary in a new play in the country.

According to the Croatian Times report, the play Fine Dead Girls by Dalibor Matanic currently being held at the Gavella Theater in the capital, Zagreb, has led to a backlash of anger over the play’s promotional posters that showed the two girls as the Virgin Mary embracing each other.

Director Darko Stazic fighting back against critics.

“Theater is there to open people’s eyes and to raise questions about society and get into brave dialogue with everyday life,” he was quoted by the newspaper as saying.

“There are no areas or issues which shouldn’t be explored.”

He also added that the poster was not meant to cause offense to anyone.

For Croatia, a predominantly Orthodox Christian country, the play has highlighted the struggle for the LGBT community. Activists have told 429Magazine in the country that it is part of the ongoing battle to make changes to the status quo that sees gay people as antagonistic and against the norm.

“We are fighting for our rights and while this play was not the best way to do it, it shouldn’t be an issue when it comes to art,” said LGBT activist Sasha.


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