NJ Gov. Chris Christie skeptical of reparative therapy bill


During a tour of the re-opening of an elementary school destroyed by Hurricane Sandy, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was questioned as to whether he would sign the bill that would ban reparative therapy in the state.  

He described himself as “generally a skeptic of those bills,” which some opponents describe as taking away parental rights.

While echoing the belief of opponents that parents should have a say in their children’s upbringing, Christie hedged on whether he would sign the reparative therapy ban bill that passed out of a NJ State Senate Committee on Monday.

After hearing of Christie’s comments regarding his legislation Assemblyman Tim Eustace told 429Magazine, “The Governor’s skepticism is welcomed and I hope I get a chance to explain to him why no parent should have the right to place their child under this kind of brain washing.  

“I’m just glad he hasn’t closed the door on putting his signature on this important bill to protect the LGBT children of New Jersey,” Eustace added.

Christie’s opponent in November’s election, State Senator Barbara
Buono, used the passing of the bill as a rallying cry for the
overturning of DOMA.  

In an email to supporters Buono called reparative therapy “an egregious practice and quite honestly – child abuse.”  

Senator Buono is a co-sponsor of the ban and voted yes on Monday to send the bill out of committee.

The NJ bill has bipartisan support in both houses of the legislature and the sponsors hope they can send it to Governor Christie’s desk before the end of the legislative session in June.


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