Jedis to perform marriage ceremonies in Scotland


If the homosexuals are allowed to get married, then the next thing you know, we’ll have Jedi priests presiding over their ceremonies!

It sounds like a joke, but in Scotland that may actually turn out to be the case. As the government works on drafting its Marriage and Civil Partnership Bill, it has been considering how to also protect religious freedom. One option is adding provisions to allow wedding ceremonies to be performed by organizations promoting beliefs that are not religious, or not commonly considered to be so.

Giving such recognition to a wider range of groups than in the past could be considered a slippery slope to recognizing all sorts of associations, but to many that would simply mean acknowledging reality. 

Scotland is a very diverse country, home to people belonging to societies ranging from the Church of Jediism  to the Flat Earth Society.  Humanist groups are currently classified as religious.

In the United States, anyone can officiate at weddings by filling out a form and paying a license fee. But in Scotland, it’s harder. For civil ceremonies, currently only a registrar can make a marriage legal; for religious marriages, couples have their choice of the obvious official such as a priest, or someone belonging to a belief system capable of granting them a temporary authorization. 

The Scottish government has stated that groups that wanted to be granted the legal authority to perform marriages would have to meet certain requirements.

A spokesman for the UK’s Church of Jediism, Lord Patrick Ewan Chi-Pa Amshe Day-Childs, told 429Magazine, “We’ve had a healthy stream of requests for a Jedi wedding or for a Jedi master to attend weddings; there is a lot of concerns that this will demolish the ‘tradition’ of marriage, but we’d like to clear those fears. Marriage is for everyone of every faith, if they love each other why shouldn’t they be able to marry?”

In Scotland’s 2001 census, 14,052 people listed their religion as Jedi.


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