Wendy Williams called a big-footed, wig wearing, man by former Fresh Prince actress Janet Hubert


Fresh Prince of Bel Air veteran Janet Hubert, best known for her role as classy Aunt Vivian Banks, has decided she still doesn’t care much for Wendy Williams, and accuses the host of being a big-footed, wig wearing, man. 

Hubert first wrote a letter to Williams in February 2012, chastising the host for her treatment of the late Whitney Houston, and calling on Williams to stop her bullying. 

“How do you sleep at night knowing that you are one of the biggest bullies in the world” asked Hubert. “You started right back up without hesitation or pause… you need to stop Wendy. We need to stop, and the world needs to stop. I need to stop as well. There will be no more quotes from me to be misquoted.”

But what was said then has since been forgotten. 

Williams recently asked Tatyana Ali, who played Ashley Banks on Fresh Prince, about Hubert’s abrupt departure from the show in 1993, which has been credited to a poor relationship with Will Smith as well as a breach in contract relating to Hubert’s pregnancy. 

In reponse, Hubert wrote another open letter to Williams, asking her to “please close your mouth about things that you know nothing of.”

“Dear Wiggy, I’m sorry, Wendy” she starts the letter with, referring to Williams’ abundant use of various wigs. “Recently, you found the need to put an end to the mystery surrounding my departure from a show that I did so damn long ago that I don’t even remember why I departed.”

Hubert then writes, “Wendy Williams, or whatever you are supposed to be, I’m not quite sure. I’m writing you yet again, to appeal to your sense of womanhood or manhood as some suggest.” 

Then she says Williams is jealous of every other woman, and “You are not nor have you ever been a true woman…I’m a lady and a real one.”

In the end, Hubert claims to simply feel sorry for Williams.

“I kind of feel sorry for you. You sit there on your big-footed tacky throne everyday while millions of people are laughing at you not with you. There is a big difference…You and your kind have set us back a hundred years or so. How dare you chastise anyone when you are such a travesty?”


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