Former President Reagan’s daughter pens lesbian novel


Former President Ronald Reagan’s daughter, Patti Davis, has published a novel about a lesbian romance. Davis’ book wasn’t well received amongst publishers, so she put it out herself as an e-book.

The synopsis of the book, entitled, ‘Til Human Voices Wake Us’ described the story as, “In the empty days after her son’s death, left alone in her grief by her husband, Isabelle Berendon falls in love with the unlikeliest person in the world: her sister-in-law.”

Davis has been known to write about her famous family and herself, but told the New York Post that this book has nothing to do with her real life and is completely fiction.

“Maybe this non-autobiographical novel was too much of a departure for publishers to wrap their heads around,” she told the Post. “Most writers have books they have labored over for years and long to put out into the world. ‘Till Human Voices Wake Us’ is one of those books.”

The 60-year-old is known as the rebellious black sheep of the Reagan family. She brought controversial attention to the Reagans when she infamously posed nude for Playboy in 1994. 

Former President Reagan hadn’t been as vocal as current leaders like President Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton have been on gay issues, but he was known to support equal rights.

In 1978, there was an initiative on the state ballot, proposed by California conservative Senator John Briggs, that would ban homosexuals from being teachers.

Reagan campaigned against the ballot, which was a risk at the time since he was gearing up for his run for president. But he stuck with his position and it was said that his opposition at the last minute turned voters around, which in turn defeated the ballot by 42 percent.

Davis had publicly struggled with a drug addiction problem, and has steered away from the conservative lifestyle her family is known for, but wrote last year that she wishes she could really apologize to her father.

“Decades later I would look into my father’s eyes and try to reach past the murkiness of Alzheimer’s with my words, my apology, hoping that in his heart he heard me and understood,” she wrote in a January 2012 post for Town & Country magazine.

Davis’ book “Till Human Voices Wake Us” can be found on

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