Oxford University under fire for hosting anti-gay group on campus


Oxford University’s Trinity College has come under fire after it has agreed to host what students and activists say is a Christian anti-gay group on campus.

The university is to play host to a Christian Concern conference, which began on Tuesday, entitled “How to engage with secular culture.” But, the event has already sparked a massive outcry of anger from students who say the Christian group is promoting an anti-LGBT culture.

According to a report published by The Independent, the event will end on Friday, but students are lashing out.

One student at the college, who asked not to be named, told 429Magazine that “this is a really poor choice for the university, especially as England moves toward marriage equality.”

Christian Concern, other reports suggest, sparked controversy last year after another event at Exeter College.

Due to the controversy then, Exeter donated all profits from the conference to LGBT organizations, a move seen as an attempt to curtail anger towards the group.

Christian Concern has campaigned against LGBT legislation in the UK and is an avid anti-LGBT voice against the government’s pending marriage equality bill for England and Wales.

Founder Andrea Minichiello Williams has been listed as a director of the limited company behind the anti-equality Coalition for Marriage campaign.

Williams has previously been reported as saying: “It is time to stand up to a militant homosexual lobby who are unable to tolerate difference of opinion and who seek to coerce behavior and thought.”

However, she has disputed claims of homophobia by saying: “Nothing could be further from the truth, we have immense love for every human being”.

“It is wrong to portray us as an organization that is motivated by any hatred,” she added.

Either way, with England moving towards full citizenship rights for all its citizens, students at Trinity College are demanding answers.

Administration officials did not immediately respond to requests for a statement from 429Magazine.


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