Arizona lawmakers revise anti-transgender bill


The anti-transgender bathroom bill proposed by Phoenix’s Republican Representative John Kavanagh has been changed. Kavanagh’s original bill, known as the “show your papers before you pee” bill, suggested the charge of a misdemeanor for any individual who used a gender specific bathroom different from the person’s sex at birth. 

After several national civil rights groups accused Kavanagh’s bill of being discriminatory, he changed the bill to eliminate the misdemeanor mandate. Kavanagh is now suggesting taking out the middle man by proposing that the local government be prohibited from passing ordinances regarding transgender laws. 

By prohibiting the government from mandating laws in regards to transgender people, the bill will eliminate potential lawsuits or penalties brought against businesses for regulating gender associated bathroom access. 

The new version of the bill suggests that the local government can not force business owners to allow transgender individuals to use bathrooms which are not associated with their sex at birth. 

The  bill is scheduled to be presented before Arizona’s Appropriations Committee on Wednesday. 

“I’m just saying, ‘You know what, that’s not government’s concern,’” Kavanagh told The Arizona Republic. 


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