Russia bans foreign LGBT couples from adoption


Russian President Vladimir Putin is continuing his anti-LGBT positions, this time announcing that his government and the Supreme Court are preparing to make changes to the country’s adoption policies to bar foreign gay couples from adopting.

He said that the changes should go into law before July 1. It comes on the heels of a visit by the president to The Netherlands, where he was met with a number of rainbow flags in protest to Russia’s anti-LGBT policies.

The battle over adoption has been ongoing since February, when Russian Plenipotentiary for Children’s Rights Pavel Astakhov announced he would ensure that only heterosexual families would be allowed to adopt Russian orphans.

The government claims, unfoundedly, that there would be “psychological damage” on the children if they were adopted by lesbian or gay couples.

Russia has been extremely vocal over its anti-gay stances.

Russia remains a country leaning towards an increasingly anti-LGBT stance. A recent survey conducted by the Levada Center announced that 85 percent of Russians opposed same sex marriage and 27 percent thought that homosexuals were in need of ‘treatment’ and a startlingly 5 percent thought that gays needed to be ‘liquidated.’

The current ban on ‘Homosexual Propaganda’ outlaws any demonstration of homosexuality, including something as small as a kiss on the street between same sex people, and can result in fines of up to an equivalent of $16,000 dollars or 2 years imprisonment. The ban has also been used to declare a moratorium on pride festivals in Moscow and St. Petersburg.The International Community have unanimously decried the ban as an infringement against human rights. “¨”¨

Russian LGBT activist Anastasia Smirnova of The Russian LGBT Network recently told 429Magazine:

“The Russian government is effectively sanctioning legal discrimination and sending a message to Russian society that sexual minorities are undeserving of equal rights under the law. Under the law, activities such as gay pride parades, campaigns for greater recognition of LGBT rights, sexual health projects, or even the flying of a rainbow flag, could be prohibited. As such, the law allows the Russian government to severely limit the fundamental freedoms of both LGBT people, as well as any Russian citizen deemed to be promoting “homosexual propaganda.”


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