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Bria and Chrissy, of BriaAndChrissy fame, have grown from obscure and aspiring musicians to lesbian activists through their musical success. Their lyrics range from political satire to messages of anti-bullying.

Launching their YouTube channel 7 months ago on a whim with a “spoof on Romney’s hidden money,” the duo has rapidly generated a strong following. Their second video, Dear Chick-Fil-A” was shared over 1,000 times and was seen by over 55,000 people in its first three days.

Since then, the channel has garnered over two million views and 15,000 subscribers. Having begun with a simple desire to sing, Bria and Chrissy now feel they have a “higher purpose.”

“With our music we try to get a strong message across, make you feel it, and make you sing it,” BriaAndChrissy told 429Magazine.

The pair strives to reach as many people as they can, and help others while sharing “good music.”

They hope to become part of the mainstream in order to spread their message ever further. In regards to homosexuality, the two are pushing to “normalize what is simply normal.”

“We want to be positive role models for the LGBT youth, and show people that even as a lesbian you can do anything; even be a mainstream out musician,” said BriaAndChrissy.

With a mixed audience, young and old, Bria and Chrissy believe they have “the ability to touch all people, regardless of their age or gender.”

Heavily bullied growing up, Bria was ashamed about being a “loner” and being constantly picked on and isolated.

“It was when I realized that I could come to terms with these painful memories and help others know they are not alone that I realized I was strong and vulnerable,” Bria said.

Chrissy also experienced harsh judgment from those in her hometown, including her family, who rejected her “for loving a woman.”

“I had to realize that the sting, pain, and vulnerability from that was so miniscule in comparison to the amount of people we’ve been able to help and lives we’ve touched,” Chrissy said.

“Any hardship has been worth it as our lives have been so positively affected by doing what we do.”

Despite their triumphs, Bria describes experiencing the weight of conformity as a woman and a lesbian in the music industry for a number of years, and how finally overcoming it has been liberating.

“[I] have felt the pressure from the music industry to remain closeted, so the feeling of being completely me and out is the most freeing experience.”

And while many female artists have felt the burden of exploiting their sexuality in order to make it, Bria and Chrissy combat the issue by remaining sincere.
“The thing is we are just comfortable being open with our relationship and our sexuality—some might see it as exploitation—we see it as being ourselves,” BriaAndChrissy said.

Very much involved in the LGBT community, Bria has played at Atlanta Pride for three years running. In addition, Bria and Chrissy attend numerous political and LGBT events including the Creating Change Conference in Atlanta this year.

Soon to release an 11-track album called Take Me To Heaven, the duo has been “living inside the studio writing and fine tuning [the]upbeat, fun, electro-pop” record. Comprised of all original material, Take Me to Heaven will be released in the next few months. BriaAndChrissy describe it as, “Edgy, provocative, and sexy…push[ing]a lot of boundaries.”

Individually involved in the arts, they combined their shared passion to help others.

“Our love for performing intrigued each other, but our love for helping people drew us together,” BriaAndChrissy said.

The couple expresses that the more they share with the public, the stronger their relationship has become.

“We were born performers and spotlighting our love has only made us closer,” they said. “Our story is real. We are deeply in love and don’t mind the world seeing it.”

They go on to describe several encounters where their music has helped people. These include a deaf, mute girl abandoned by her father after coming out to him; a boy who is bullied verbally and physically everyday; and a girl who, after a life of cutting herself has finally come to terms to believe that she is, in fact, beautiful.

“Don’t ever feel like you are alone, there are always people that love you and are there to support you no matter who you are and what you believe,” Chrissy said.

Bria and Chrissy also emphasize the importance of authenticity.

“Don’t be afraid to step out of the box, but most importantly don’t spend your life worried about others and censoring yourself,” they said.

“It’s when you open up and show who you really are that people respect you.”


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