Documentary aims to highlight LGBT minority gamers


Freelance director and cinematographer David Gil is looking to make a documentary, titled Gaming in Color about the growing number of gamers who happen to be LGBT, female, or other minorities underrepresented in video games.

To raise the funds, he’s using Kickstarter; by making his documentary’s future audience also its current investors, he states on the campaign page, “By giving to our project you get to have a say.”

Many people in today’s world own a handheld device capable of playing some form of video game, and people from all walks of life play all sorts of genres; yet, most big name companies in the industry still cater to straight, white, cisgender, heterosexual males.

In games without a choice regarding characters, the player’s character is almost inevitably a burly white man with short brown hair, so indistinct as to be virtually identical to the many other burly white men in the games he’s competing against.

If the goal is to feature characters with whom most of the target audience can relate, then the games industry is failing their customers by their refusal to change with the times, Gil says of his documentary.  

To shed some light on the fact that there are significant numbers of other demographics who would like representation in games, the documentary will focus on gamers and game developers who are LGBT, female, and/or people of color to show the audience different perspectives.

The overall diversity of the game industry has begun to improve, and that’s part of why Gil is pushing to make the film now; to showcase breakthroughs in diversity as they happen.

The co-founder of GaymersConnect, Kayce Brown, told 429Magazine, “David Gil is a fantastic director and we’re excited that he took the initiative to step forward and make a film to get all of these stories told.

“This film has the ability to make a huge difference in the gaming and LGBTQ communities.”

The fundraiser goal is a large one, $50,000, but minority gamers have made it clear they’re eager to see this project happen. Within two days, the campaign was half funded—and there’s still over a month to go.

Visit the Gaming in Color Kickstarter page here to find out more about the project. 


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