Senator Bob Casey supports end to DOMA, equal rights for all


US Democratic Senator Bob Casey from Pennsylvania has joined the growing list of politicians who have come out in support of marriage equality in recent months. The Senator not only expressed that he believes same-sex couples should share the same rights as straight couples, but he is also in favor of repealing the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA).

Casey supported same-sex civil unions in November when he was running for re-election in the Senate. He also supported the repeal of the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy and has said that he supports gay men and women serving openly in the military.

Casey gave an exclusive statement to Philadelphia Gay News (PGN), saying “After much deliberation and after reviewing the legal, public policy and civil-rights questions presented, I support marriage equality for same-sex couples and believe that DOMA should be repealed.

“I began to focus on the issue of same-sex marriage much more intensely than I had before, these stories had a substantial impact on my position on this issue,” the Senator said.

“If two people of the same sex fall in love and want to marry, why would our government stand in their way? At a time when many Americans lament a lack of commitment in our society between married men and women, why would we want less commitment and fewer strong marriages?”

The Senator also supports same-sex couples raising families.

“If two people of the same sex want to raise children, why would our government prevent them from doing so, especially when so many children have only one parent or none at all?” he said.

Casey ends his statement by saying that he feels like both Democrats and Republicans should unite together to help better the citizens of America.

“I understand that many Americans of good will have strong feelings on both sides of this issue,” he said. “I believe elected public officials have an abiding obligation to refrain from demonizing and dividing people for partisan or political gain. Rather, Democrats and Republicans should come together and find areas of agreement to do what’s best for the country, including lesbian and gay Americans.”


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