Malaysia: Nothing wrong with anti-LGBT musical ‘Abnormal Desire’ says Education Minister


The Deputy Minister for Education in Malaysia said that he sees nothing wrong if the musical ‘Abnormal Desire’ is performed in schools to educate people against getting involved in LGBT activities.

“We don’t want our children to be involved in such activities and if the content of the musical helps our children understand it, then there is nothing wrong,” Mohd Puad Zarkashi said in a press conference.

Abnormal Desire’ is a musical that premiered last month at the Palace of Culture in Kuala Lumpur and, because of government funding and subsidies, is free to watch. The plot of the play features three LGBT friends who like to party, take drugs and have casual sex and are subsequently asked to repent by their religious neighbors. The play is resolved by the three characters repenting their sexuality and their past behavior through a scene where they convert to Islam and become straight.

The musical is an education piece that is directly aimed at a young audience and is stopping in numerous schools across the country. LGBT rights in Malaysia remain a very sensitive social issue.

Malaysia is a country that is developing rapidly, and its economy is pushing it into a global marketplace where social policies of human rights are important factors for trade. Meanwhile, the country holds a 61 percent majority Muslim population and many social policies affecting LGBT people are informed by Islamic beliefs.

Abnormal Desire is the latest reaction to the LGBT agenda in Malaysia. The message in the musical is clear: convert to Islam and convert to heterosexuality.

LGBT rights activist Norhan told 429Magazine in a recent interview, “This is just another part of the propaganda that is hitting this country … they are again creating something that is hateful and will lead to anger and possible violence.”

Abnormal Desire is scheduled to resume its tour of the country, with numerous stops at schools, universities, and public forums.


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