Sweden fears introduction of third gender


Until late last year, a Swedish law stated that transgender individuals, before undergoing gender reassignment surgery, had to be surgically sterilized (unable to reproduce). On December 19 of last year, the Stockholm Administrative Court of Appeal overturned this law, claiming it was unconstitutional.

A plan to rewrite the law was set for July 1.

The Swedish government is in favor of revising the law to allow transgender individuals to receive gender reassignment surgery without sterilization, the removal of interior reproductive organs. However, two Christian Democratic Swedish members of Parliament (MP) are urging the Swedish government to reconsider.

The two MPs fear that without sterilization, a third gender of “men who give birth” will have to be introduced.

“The key consequence being that Sweden would introduce the possibility of creating a third gender, called ‘person’ in the law books – men who give birth,” the MPs stated as reported in The Local.

When a man or a woman undergoes gender reassignment surgery, the removal and reconstruction of the genitalia is the usual practice. In addition, removal of a persons interior reproductive organs has been a legal requirement in Sweden.

Failure to agree with this law would halt any further reassignment surgery of the individual, leaving them at a roadblock.

Some transsexual men opt to keep their ovaries and uterus in order to maintain the ability to give birth. This new law would allow Swedish transgender men and women the right to choose to keep or remove their reproductive abilities.


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