“Couldn’t a father marry his son?” asks actor Jeremy Irons on marriage equality


Oscar-winning actor Jeremy Irons made a statement regarding marriage equality on Wednesday, suggesting that same-sex marriage might lead to fathers marrying their sons.

In an interview with The Huffington Post, the Bridesheads Revisited and Borgias star asked, “Could a father not marry his son?”

When informed that bans on incest would continue regardless of same-sex marriage, Irons responded: “It’s not incest between two men.”

“Incest is there to protect us from inbreeding, but men don’t breed. Incest doesn’t cover that,” he said. “If that was so, if I wanted to pass my estate without death duties, I could marry my son and pass it on to him.”

Irons also fears using the term “marriage” to describe same-sex unions.

The actor said he was worried “it means we somehow debase, or we change, what marriage is.”

Irons also had warm regards for people living with another being, calling it “fantastic,” and wishing them “the best of luck in the world.”

“Living with another animal, whether it be husband or dog is great,” Irons said. “It’s lovely to have someone to love. I don’t think sex matters at all. What it’s called doesn’t matter at all.”

Despite his commentary on same-sex marriage, Irons insisted that overall he does not have a strong opinion either way.

A spokesman for Stonewall, the lesbian, gay and bisexual charity, said: “Few people will agree with Jeremy Irons’ bizarre ‘concerns’ about equal marriage,” reported The Telegraph.


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