The Wachowskis go straight to Netflix to release secret project Sense8


Getting a movie or television series out to the public has changed tremendously since the beginnings of film and television history. With the advent of the Internet, the Wachowski siblings, Andy and Lana Wachowski, and writer J. Michael Straczynski have decided to go straight to Netflix in order to release their latest venture ‘Sense8,’ the 10 episode series produced by Georgeville Television in association with Studio JMS, set to be released late 2014.

“We’re excited to work with Netflix and Georgeville Television on this project, and we’ve wanted to work with Joe Straczynski for years, chiefly due to the fact his name is harder to pronounce than ours, but also because we share a love of genre and all things nerdy,” said Andy and Lana Wachowski to the Hollywood Reporter.

“Several years ago, we had a late night conversation about the ways technology simultaneously unites and divides us, and out of that paradox ‘Sense8’ was born.”

Little more is known about the content of the series. Netflix describes it as a “gripping global tale of minds linked and souls hunted.”

After talking to various networks the Wachowskis found it best to bring their project directly to viewers through Netflix’s streaming services. 

Creator of 1994 television series Babylon 5, Michael Straczynski will be the showrunner, who is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the series.  Recently Straczynski wrote “Changeling” (2008), which was directed by Clint Eastwood. 

Collaboration is nothing new as the Wachowskis teamed up with Tom Tykwer in 2012 to direct the epic drama “Cloud Atlas” which explored how individual actions could impact the past, present, and future. The sibling duo writes, directs, and produces films together.

“Andy and Lana Wachowski and Joe Straczynski are among the most imaginative writers and gifted visual storytellers of our time,” said Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos.

“Their incredible creations are favorites of Netflix members globally, and we can’t wait to bring ‘Sense8’ to life.”

On October 20, 2012, Lana Wachowski delivered a speech at the Human Rights Campaign’s annual gala in San Francisco where she described the trials she has suffered throughout her life while acknowledging her transition from man to woman with the public for the first time.

“Every one of us, every person here, every human life presents a negotiation between public and private identity,” Wachowski said. “Andy and I have not done press or made a public appearance including premieres in over 12 years.” 

Wachowski informed the public of her and Andy’s struggles to retain anonymity “understanding it as a form of virginity, something you only lose once. Anonymity allows you access to civic space, to a form of participation in public life, to an egalitarian invisibility that neither of us wanted to give up.” 

After many years of silence, Lana decided it was her turn to stand up for people who could relate to her story. As she shared her experience of near suicide as a youth, Wachowski hoped that her survival and achievements would be a story of positivity that she now wanted to share with others.

On a more personal level, Wachowski related to one of the protagonists in her film “Cloud Atlas” released in 2012.

“There is dialogue from the film merging easily with the discussion and I find myself repeating a line from a character who I was very attached to who speaks about her own decision to come out,” relates Wachowski.

“She says, ‘If I had remained invisible, the truth would have remained hidden and I couldn’t allow that.’ And she says this aware that even at the moment she’s saying it that the sacrifice she has made will cost her her life.”

The Wachowskis next film “Ascending Jupiter” stars Mila Kunis (Black Swan), Channing Tatum (G.I Joe), Eddie Redmayne (Les Miserables), and Sean Bean (Game of Thrones). The protagonist Kunis, who plays Jupiter, a down and out nobody, discovers there is a bounty out for her death. Tatum’s character in an attempt to assassinate Kunis instead falls in love with her. “Ascending Jupiter” will be released summer 2014.


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