Ryan Adamés: Triple threat Latino artist


Electro-pop prince Ryan Adamés is a traditional triple threat with his singing, dancing and acting.

With a varied range of roles to match his diverse talents, Adamés danced in “Oz, the Musical,” co-starred in the film, “Vampire Boys” which also featured three songs from his debut EP “Way Out,” and just completed his 2012 “Out of My Mind Tour.”  

Fresh from the Winter Music Conference in Miami, where he spoke on the first LGBT panel for the event that he describes as the highlight of his career, Adamés offers insight into his music and work as a gay, Latino artist.

Growing up, Adamés listened to Expose and Depeche Mode, which is prominently exhibited in his own music, offering electro-pop flair. While exploring what made him happy, he began writing and recording music, and discovered his calling.

“My music is my child, boyfriend, husband, wife, and my best friend all at the same time,” Adamés told 429Magazine.

“I just wanted to see what would happen, and after 5 seconds of recording, I realized that what was missing for me all this time was just that.”

From there, things “snowballed” in his career. Starting out as an actor, Adamés kept writing on the side as a therapeutic release until 2011 when he worked on Vampire Boys, catapulting his career.

“Though I didn’t have a specific plan of what I was planning on doing with all this music, it did happen very organically for me,” Adamés said.

In addition to nurturing his passion, he explained that much of why he has decided to be an artist is to offer support to his listeners.

“I know that a lot of people look up to what I’m doing,” he continued.

“It’s a lot of work and a lot of the time can be stressful; but when I get messages that I saved someone from depression, or helped them with a problem just from listening to my music, it’s incredible.”

He divulged that when he was younger, he “experienced things nobody should” and was affected by depression.

“I know there are young kids that might read this or watch a video of mine and that gives them hope for a better future,” said Adamés. “I strive to inspire people to live, straight or gay.”

Adamés went on to explain the challenges of being Latino and gay in the music industry. Facing conformity issues to “just play it straight” and the “level of gayness” in his films or videos, he is stunned at some of the reactions he has received.

 “I am an artist, songwriter, composer, dancer and I just happen to be gay,” he said.

“It’s about equal rights to me and I don’t believe anyone should ever be discriminated against … I of course have an extra drive because I am discriminated against just for loving a man so that fuels my fire a little bit.”

Despite the negativity, Adamés is thrilled to be in the position he is in with LGBT equality issues making their way to the forefront.

“I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us, hopefully marriage equality,” he exclaimed.

“I really am so lucky because of all the support I receive, and being Puerto Rican has also brought over a lot of the Latino fans [who]really want me to do well … so it’s a great feeling.”

As such, his music stems from past experiences, “though not Taylor Swift style.” Adamés states that his inspiration is his life, and though there is ambiguity in his songs, he upholds the value of maintaining depth.

“Writing BANG was actually a bit hard for me because the lyrics aren’t as deep as some of my other songs,” he explained. “I guess I’m just dramatic so those kind of songs come more naturally to me.

Still, BANG has been his biggest hit thus far, though he revealed that he feels as if he’s lost some authenticity as it was a departure from his previous tracks.

“I know a lot of my fans want me to do dance music which I love but at the same time I’m trying to make my mark on the industry; and I know I can combine my originality with dance and electro elements that will keep me ahead of the curve,” Adamés said.

Just featured on a song with Parralox on “Silent Morning,” Adamés talked of his excitement about the piece and how vocally, he has seen much growth.

“It’s a really good feeling to put something out there that no one else is doing,” Adamés said.

In regards to new music, he reveals that after the release of BANG, he took a step back to contemplate his next move. Currently, he is in the studio recording new material.

“[Silent Morning] will be the first semi single of mine that I’ll be promoting with the band and then I’m rolling out a whole new Ryan,” he explained. “Image and sound wise it’s going to be great and I’ve written some of my best work that I can’t wait to show everyone.”

He also gives away that his wildest dream is to play at Madison Square Gardens.

In regards to trying to make it, Adamés advocated being true to yourself.

“I think I’ve come so far in a short amount of time because I’ve done it all on my own: I worked to pay for my music, I knew what I wanted image and sound wise. You really have to trust your gut and if it isn’t successful to the outsider you’ll still be a success to yourself because you did what you believed in.”


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