After facing anti-gay slurs, women claim San Francisco bar ejected them


Two women reported that they were kicked out of a popular bar in San Francisco, and are claiming discrimination over their sexual orientation.

According to the women, they were met with anti-gay comments at Zeitgeist in San Francisco. The pair then responded angrily to the comments and were then allegedly kicked out of the club by the bouncers.

The local website SFist reported the duo had been responding to slurs and derogatory statements by “four big straight men” after they had participated in the city’s March for Marriage Equality rally.

In a posting on Facebook, the women urged others to boycott the bar due to the incident.

“On Monday 3/25 a friend and I were called homophobic names by four big straight men at Zeitgeist SF. When we responded the bouncer kicked us out and two more straight girls shook their heads at us, told us to calm down and leave. This was about an hour after we marched for gay rights. Not one person in the bar came to our rescue. Not one”, the post read.

Zeitgeist, however, argues differently, saying the two women were ejected from the club because they were overly drunk.

“The two ladies were asked to leave because they were highly intoxicated and became aggressive with other patrons and our staff. It had absolutely nothing to do with their sexual orientation”, a post on their Facebook page read.


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