Arizona heading to civil union battle after town grants couples equal rights


The former chairman of the Arizona Board of Regents Fred DuVal, who is currently looking at a potential run for the governor’s job, has taken on the state’s attorney general after launching a petition to support the town of Bisbee after it came out in favor of same-sex civil unions.

Attorney General Tom Horne has said he would sue the town in order to ensure that no civil unions take place.

“Please join me in taking a stand to support Bisbee,” said DuVal. “Arizonans cherish our personal freedoms and Bisbee has the right to offer civil unions without big government interference. Such actions are a frivolous use of state resources.”

The town passed on April 2 an ordinance offering civil unions to all couples in the city, delivering equal rights and benefits for all couples, homosexual or heterosexual, including but not limited to property, inheritance, guardianship and adoption rights.

DuVal is asking all Arizonans who care about personal freedom to sign the petition in support of the position taken by the Bisbee Council.

But Horne is looking to reverse the decision, which DuVal said would be an infringement on local government rights vis-a-vis the state government.


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