Glenn Beck says marriage equality has already won


Conservative radio host Glenn Beck in discussing marriage equality on Monday, claimed that the left wing has already won regarding the issue.

“Why have we been arguing about marriage? We have been so foolish … it is not about gays, it is not about homosexuals, it is not about any of them,” said Beck. “It is about freedom and the reason why they have won is because they have made it about freedom! And freedom, everyone basically understands freedom.”

Beck concedes that same-sex marriage advocates have made the argument one of basic human rights that are hard to contradict.

“So the argument has been ‘Who are you to tell me what I can and can not do?’ And by saying ‘Well because it always is! What’s happened?,’ you’ve lost,” said Beck.

“By not turning to it soon enough, what’s happened is you’ve been painted into a corner of a bigot!”

Ultimately, Beck admits that it is about the principle of the idea, a basic American notion of equality.

“That’s why they have won, because the principle of it is right,” he said.

“The principle is easy to understand. Who are you to say?”

Beck was not endorsing marriage equality per se; he was simply stating why the conservative party is losing the argument.

Beck has previously commented on marriage equality, saying that he doesn’t care one way or another, as long as it doesn’t “destroy my marriage.”

Beck has also made comments saying he has gay friends and employees, but has yet to publicly or fully endorse marriage equality.   


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