France fines anti-gay protesters over vandalizing LGBT fair


A group of anti-gay protesters were fined for vandalizing Paris’ Inter-LGBT fair after a video of them doing so went viral. The group, called “Printemps Francais” (French Spring) deleted the video, but an LGBT activist later republished the video on YouTube.

A gay couple was also brutally attacked on the same weekend. Wilfred de Bruijn posted the picture of himself on Facebook with a disfigured face with the caption that read, the “face of homophobia.”

“This was a shocking and incredibly violent incident,” SOS Homophobie head Elizabeth Ronzier told The Local.

“We have seen a 30 percent rise in the number of homophobic incidents since October. This is a result of the opposition towards the gay marriage bill. These people say they are not homophobic but they are. Homophobia has become trivialized, which is proved by the number of verbal assaults on gay people, which often lead to physical assaults.”

“Paris is and will remain a city of tolerance,” said Paris’s Deputy Mayor Anne Hidalgo in a press release responding to the attack.

French Spring President Beatrice Bourges congratulated the team on Twitter and later deleted the message. Head of Inter-LGBT group Nicolas Gougain soon after filed a complaint with the police.

Comprising itself of Catholics and royalists who were once a part of the mainstream group ‘Manif Pour Tous’ (Demo For All) anti-marriage equality movement, the protesters wore German neo-Nazi masks at the end of the video.

“We strongly condemn this act of violence but there is no link whatsoever to the Demo For All,” Movement Leader Xavier Bongibault told The Local. “We have said since the beginning that we are not against homosexuals, we are simply against the government’s legislation.”

Regular protesters in the fight for “pro-family” values, French Spring use children as human shields against tear gas, align themselves with fascism and violently attack the police.

The French Parliament is currently debating on marriage equality and same-sex adoptions.

“We need the Senate to pass this law quickly so we can finish with this debate,” said Ronzier. “The opposition are creating a lot of noise for nothing because they are not going to change anything. The government needs to condemn this aggression against gay people.”


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