Swedish cellphone ad features positive portrayal of gay athlete


While America is still dealing with the idea that there might be gay athletes – in Sweden, it’s such a non-issue that a recent cellphone commercial featured a hockey player who gets a text from his boyfriend while in the locker room.

In the Swedish ad for mobile carrier Halebop, which is catered towards youth markets, the gay player’s cellphone is snatched out of his hand by a teammate, who reads his recently received text.

When asked about the text reading “love you,” the player looks wary at first before answering, “it’s my boyfriend.” He then adds that they’re celebrating their one-year anniversary.

The response he gets is congratulatory, with one player saying “congrats, one year isn’t easy.” Another player says of the unseen boyfriend, “I know him, he looks amazing.”

Sweden was the first country in the world to stop categorizing homosexuality as a mental illness, and in 2009 was the 7th country to legalize full marriage equality.


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