Global Respect In Education premieres new anti-bully campaign


The Global Respect In Education (GRIN) campaign is an organization that strives to achieve equality for everyone in education. Founded by Claudia White when she was just 17 years old, GRIN strives to help anyone who feels discriminated against, especially those in the LGBT community.

“In late 2010, the global press filled with stories of young, predominantly LGBT, students who had committed suicide because of bullying,” said White in an interview with 429Magazine. “I thought this was intolerable and felt compelled to do something about it.  Although still a school student myself, I founded Global Respect In Education, GRIN Campaign, to tackle the bullying in education of those who are LGBTQ or ‘just different.’”

Last Saturday, GRIN released a video called “I Am…” which is a part of their #No2Bullying campaign. The #No2Bullying video is not just promoting anti-bullying, but also showing that people have multiple layers. 

White hopes that the “I Am…” video “will bring awareness to name calling, labeling, prejudice, and discrimination based bullying.  And ultimately, if this video helps just one person who is feeling down, being bullied, or thinking of taking their own life, then it was worth making.”

When asked what inspired her and the GRIN team to make a video, she said she made it, “so that young people all over the world who feel in some way different would be able to see that they are not alone.  As a team we were inspired by all the individuals who suffered bullying and discrimination but stayed true to who they are; by all the people who are different and proud to be a multi-dimensional person.”

The video includes young people describing themselves in one word, showing that there are different aspects and characteristics to them other than their sexuality. The video was performed and shot by an all teenage cast and crew. The song that is featured in the video, “One Time,” is written and performed by 14-year-old recording artist Caleb. White was also the producer of the video. 

“It was fantastic to work with so many bright, young people who cared so much about the issues of bullying and discrimination,” said White. 


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