New poll shows New Jersey citizens in favor of marriage equality


New Jersey citizens are becoming more supportive regarding marriage equality according to a new poll. The Rutgers-Eagleton poll reports that 62 percent of New Jersey citizens would vote in favor of marriage equality.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has vocally opposed any bill supporting marriage equality and vetoed the bill last January. He voiced his disapproval even before the bill reached the state house.

But there are signs he may be changing his mind on the issue. 

“There is an overwhelming support [for marriage equality]that keeps increasing and it shows how out of touch Governor Chris Christie is,” Garden State Equality Communications Director TJ Helmstetter told 429Magazine. “It’s now the legislators’ time to come out of the shadows in support.”

Garden State Equality is New Jersey’s largest civil rights organization. On their website, it reads, “We are exuberant advocates but also methodical strategists. To win an override, we will take the time we need, assisted by a changing world.”

“We are certainly focusing on the veto, and appeal to the Governor’s fairness as we hope he does evolve and support it,” said Helmstetter.

In 2012, A Quinnipiac University poll showed voters would approve the Marriage Equality Act at 52 percent.

In the Rutgers-Eagleton poll, 72 percent of Democrats and 63 percent of Independents would vote for marriage equality. Self-Identified Conservatives ranked the lowest as marriage equality supporters at 31 percent. 

The same poll also had 69 percent of New Jersey residents saying they would support a referendum.

The state’s legislators as well as Garden State Equality hope to override the Governor’s veto from last year.

“We are going to win this year and we will win with or without the governor,” Helmstetter concluded. “New Jersey has long been past time to approve marriage equality. The rights of LGBT people should not be on the ballot as it’s an inherent civil rights issue and we hope the Governor evolves on the issue.”

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