EJ Johnson speaks on “coming out”


Retired NBA star Magic Johnson’s son spoke for the first time since coming out to the public. Earvin “EJ” Johnson feels the support from the general public as well as his family.

“When it was time to come out, I was, obviously, scared as most people are,” said EJ in an interview on Howard Bragman’s YouTube talk show “Gwissues.”

“After I got all the love and support from my family then I knew I could go out and conquer the world, I guess.”

For the New York University junior, he was originally going to come on Bragman’s show before TMZ caught EJ with his boyfriend on the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles earlier this month.

The 20-year-old told TMZ that he hoped for the success of his father’s baseball team, the LA Dodgers, and the Los Angeles Lakers. He added he has no hard feelings towards TMZ.

Nonetheless, he revels in the experience of his “second coming out.”

“I always wanted to come into the spotlight,” he said. “I always had dreams and plans of doing my own thing and creating my own image, so it came a little sooner than I thought it would but this is still something I knew I would be going through and would have to experience.”

He originally came out to his parents when he was around 13.

“I told [my mother]how I was feeling and she obviously told me that she had known and always would love me anyway,” said EJ. “The same thing happened with my dad like a year or so later. Everyone has to get used to it. No parent is prepared 100 percent and fully for something like that. We all had to work and move forward.”

EJ has an adopted sister named Elisa and older brother named Andre.

“I am very, very, very blessed to have the family that I do,” said EJ. “My parents have always been super supportive. My sister and I have always been really close and she’s been really supportive as with my brother.”

EJ has received mostly supportive public reactions with a few Internet postings involving “nasty things about me and what I’m doing.”

“It’s almost like they’re attacking me for being me and so to that I can only say, ‘Well, I can only be myself, so I don’t know really what you want me to do.”

EJ is currently studying event management and design with an interest in journalism, media and fashion. He would like to follow in his father’s career by hosting his own talk show.

His father briefly hosted a talk show on Fox in 1998. The retired player currently co-owns the Los Angeles Dodgers. He retired from the NBA after contracting HIV in 1991.

“Cookie and I love EJ and support him in every way,” Magic Johnson told TMZ. We’re very proud of him.”

EJ “definitely wants to set a really good example” for the LGBT community as well as for the LGBT youth demographic.

“[I want to be] the voice for young gay people who need someone to be on TV or wherever else to talk to them and talk about all kinds of issues that all of us face and not just homosexual issues but all kinds of issues,” EJ concluded.


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