Day of Silence versus Day of Dialogue


Right-wing conservative groups are protesting GLSEN’s Day of Silence (DOS) on April 19, a day meant to raise awareness about bullying. Mission America and similar conservative organizations are protesting the day while Focus on the Family and the Alliance Defending Freedom (FFADF) are promoting their “Day of Dialogue.”

The American Family Association are encouraging their members to keep their children home from school.

Founded in 1996, Day of Silence urges youth to not speak for the day in defiance of the mistreatment of LGBT youth, while the Day of Dialogue (April 18) asks Christian students to speak in favor of condemning homosexuality and support ex-gay therapy.

According to Mission America spokesperson Linda Harvey, she sees the day as “pure political propaganda.”

“April 19 has become a central showpiece for this homosexual agenda in our schools,” said Harvey in a press release. “It encourages sympathy for homosexuality, which is wrong. They claim that homosexuals have been routinely silenced and victimized and don’t have a voice.”

Anti-gay group Save California is organizing a walkout on The Day of Silence.

“Sponsored by pro-homosexuality-transsexuality groups, participating DOS students will wear pro-homosexuality T-Shirts and buttons, refuse to answer teachers’ questions in classrooms, make it difficult for other students to concentrate, and take over school campuses for the entire academic day.”

GLSEN responded to the conservatives with a video of their own providing facts and a testimonials from LGBT youth.

According to the video, 4 out of 5 LGBT students were bullied, harassed or assaulted last year while 80 percent of transgender students don’t feel safe at school.

“Bullying of any kind is every parent’s worst nightmare and is every school’s responsibility to address,” said Executive Director of the Greater Boston PFLAG, Pam Garramone, in an interview with 429Magazine. “All educators and parents want to ensure that students have access to schools that are safe, welcoming, and inclusive for everyone who walks through the doors.”


GLSEN’s response to Linda Harvey and other conservative view points

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