Bullied comedian discusses healing power of laughter


Coming from of a history of being battered and abused as a child for being different—for being gay and overweight—ANT gets the last laugh, transforming his pain to humor. 

“The purpose of comedy is to take struggle and pain, and let us laugh at it,” he says in the video “Bullied, Bashed but not Broken.” 

“Because if you’re not laughing at life at some point, you’re being consumed by hate, despair, fear.” 

Former Celebrity Fit Club host and Last Comic Standing winner, ANT uses the healing power of laughter to overcome his own struggles, while inspiring and teaching others. 

He speaks to bullied kids, imparting his own experiences, delving into some of his darkest moments but following it with encouragement and the message that it will pass. 

“It came to a point where I was either going to kill myself because of how I felt and how the world looked at me, or I had to start getting honest with myself and that meant telling the world who I was.”

He offers solace in saying that others pitch lies, but ultimately each person decides whether or not to believe them. Each person can choose to live their own lives with “infinite potential.” 

“Come over to the side of joy, happiness, love, and laughter,” Ant propositions. “Choose humor over horror.”


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