Two homosexuals attacked in France last weekend


By, Tatiana Tissot

On Saturday morning, a gay couple was attacked by three men in Nice, in southern France. 

Raphael and Florian, two men in their twenties, had come out of a gay nightclub at around 5:30 AM when three people addressed them. 

“We were not holding hands, nor kissing,” said Raphael to the local newspaper. He received a blow to the head, fell on the floor and was kicked by the perpetrators. 

The police arrived soon after, and the victims were brought to the hospital. They did not suffer major injuries. 

Raphael posted a picture of his face on the social networking site Facebook, to show people what had happened. He’s certain it was a homophobic act, as the assaulters approached them by shouting “hey, you fags.” 

He believes they had been followed out of the nightclub. 

The police have not made it clear yet if it the violent attack was a hate crime. It would be the 4th in France within the last two weeks: a gay couple was beaten up on April 7 in Paris, and two bars were attacked last week in Bordeaux and Lille. 

French LGBT associations worry about the growing climate of homophobia in the country, while the law allowing gay marriage should be adopted by Parliament on April 23.


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