Jackie Chan comes out as ally for LGBT community


The primarily a-political actor Jackie Chan has just released a public service announcement that publicly declares his support for the LGBT cause (video below). 

In the new public service campaign video by GLAAD, titled “Jackie Chan comes out…”, Chan is heard saying, “It’s not enough to talk about those fighting for freedom, for equality, until you are one of those fighting. Believe me, I know, I fight a lot…”

The ad features Chan talking behind a closed closet door and then opening the door and coming out towards the end, saying, “I’m Jackie Chan, and I’m coming out of the closet, as a friend for those who are fighting for equality.” 

Chan’s superstardom cannot be underestimated throughout the world, particularly in Asia, as a philanthropist, entrepreneur and actor.”¨”¨Hong Kong, where Chan is from, remains regressive overall on LGBT rights. In a 429Magazine report during the United Nations’ Human Rights summit, it was argued before the UN that Hong Kong was not doing enough to support equality among LGBT groups, citing hypocrisy and special interest interference. 

Chan has functioned as a popular role model for kids all over Asia, sponsoring the building of schools throughout China. The actor has a range of business ventures that set aside portions of profit to fund the Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation. 

The last time Chan came out supporting any social issue was during the 2009 Beijing Olympics when he criticized protestors attempting to hinder the Olympic torch reaching Beijing. 



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