French politicians receive threatening letters on eve of marriage equality vote


The socialist president for the National Assembly in France, Claude Bartolone, has been told to put a hold on the country’s marriage equality and adoption bill’s final reading, scheduled to be heard on Tuesday – or else. 

Bartolone received a threatening letter on Monday with a mysterious white substance, reportedly gunpowder, enclosed in an envelope. The letter said, “Our methods are more radical and direct than the protests, you wanted war, you have it.”

“Allowing marriage for all would be the same as destroying all marriage,” the letter continues. “If you were to carry on regardless, your political family will have to suffer physically.”

This isn’t the first threat or outright protest against the French government or an individual who supports marriage equality. 

Earlier this week, two socialists from France’s Parliament also received letters, threatening that the writers would kidnap or kill them or their loved ones.

Openly gay men have been beaten in the streets, and protests leading up to the bill’s final reading have drawn crowds in the tens of thousands. 

France’s President, François Hollande, announced on April 19, “I cannot accept homophobic acts and violence against property in the midst of protests, or any defiance of law enforcement officials. Procedures must be respected, sensibilities must be respected, and everyone must be heard…But the law and parliament also need to be respected.”

On Sunday, marchers against the bill held a protest in Paris. There were around 45,000 people in attendance. 

If the law does pass on Tuesday, anti-equality supporters have said they will hold another protest on May 26 to demand a repeal.


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