Upcoming female emcee SIYA demands respect


Female emcee SIYA is an up an coming artist that is one to look out for, according to producers and critics. The young rapper talks to 429Magazine about her music, inspirations, and what makes the gritty Brooklynite an underground favorite. 

With lyrics about women, models and actresses being flirtatious in her music videos, SIYA celebrates being an out and proud lesbian. But her pet peeve is being labeled the “lesbian rapper.” 

Last week, she released a track that sampled Jay-Z’s new song “Open Letter.” After a critic wrote about it and called her a “lesbian rapper,” she posted a screenshot of the article on her Instagram page and voiced her opinion about using her sexuality as part of her artistry:

“I hate being labeled a ‘lesbian’ rapper! No n***a I am simply a dope MC who happens to love women! They could’ve wrote ‘upcoming female MC’ instead they use my sexuality as if it’s a gimmick.”

Apart from being a member of the LGBT community, 429Magazine gets to know more about this upcoming female MC. 

“SIYA the artist is a woman who has struggled and conquered against all odds,” she told 429Magazine. “SIYA is an artist who has no filter and has been a fighter her whole life for her place in the music industry.”

Her influences include Aaliyah, the Notorious B.I.G, Missy Elliot and Jay-Z and says her inspiration and motivation comes from her fans and the competition in the industry.

She is committed to proving to the public that her sexuality isn’t the main focus of her music or image and describes her work as a never ending movie that is raw and uncut.

Tracks like “Heaven” and “I’m Gone” show off the rapper’s lyrical flow with smooth hip hop beats, while other tracks like “I’m Gucci” and “D.Y.K.E” showcase her more hardcore side.

“The fact that we as women should sacrifice who we truly are for the sake of record sales. I do not have to wear a weave, six inch heels and booty shorts for my consumers to fall in love with me,” she said. “Being who I am has gained the respect of my male peers and the loyalty of my fans all over the world. The people want to hear real hip hop and this generation can give two fucks about a gimmick.”

SIYA is working on new music and doesn’t know what will come out of it yet. 

She has no plans for an album but wants to focus on making tracks that she is happy with, wanting to bring truth to the hip hop game. She said to look out for her new music video for her track “I’m the Shit,” featuring Problem and that she has a lot in store for the summer.  


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