Brazil worth billions in global LGBT tourism according to new study


Out Now’s LGBT2020 has conducted the world’s largest LGBT market research survey spanning 20 countries and 12 different languages. The study has concluded that Brazil is worth $22.9 billion in LGBT tourism. The research will all be revealed at a seminar in Latin America this week. 

This now makes Brazil one of the leading inbound destinations for the LGBT community. 

The study and research conducted by the world’s largest LGBT consulting firm has announced that the $22.9 billion that Brazil consumes from tourism is a huge percentage of the overall global total for LGBT travel, which is estimated to be at $181 billion by the end of 2013.

Senior consultant for Out Now, Darren Cooper, says that the LGBT community feels more inclined to go to a destination where they feel comfortable.

“LGBT people have grown weary of the number of destinations, hotels and airlines all claiming to be gay-friendly,” Cooper said. “LGBT people do not experience tourism when they view an advertisement. Whether an LGBT person has a great holiday is directly correlated to how welcomed they feel when they stay with a hotel and visit a destination – and it is the tourism industry staff who serve them during their holiday who have the most direct bearing upon how well-respected LGBT people feel.”

All members in the Out Now Business Class will receive special LGBT sensitivity training in four different languages in order to be able to know how to handle the travel concerns for their LGBT customers at the upcoming Out Now travel show. 


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