LGBT FAQs, the book: The Gay Handbook For Straight Friends


Like any minority group, LGBT people can get very tired of explaining everything about the community to those who aren’t part of it; realizing this is a common trend, a new Kickstarter campaign is seeking funds to put out a book of frequently asked questions and answers.

Though its title is The Gay Handbook For Straight Friends, the campaign page proclaims that “THE BOOK IS FOR EVERYONE!” LGBT issues can be daunting to understand even for those who have been educated about them for years.

For those who don’t want to answer questions about why a self-identified lesbian would date someone who “looks like a boy”, or “so who’s on top in bed?”, having this book to hand over could be a real sanity-saver. 

The Handbook was conceived and co-written by friends B.B., a lesbian, and Mikk, a gay man, in Long Beach, California; and growing up there, they were fortunate to have had very positive experiences coming out.

Their friends’ reaction was generally little more than mild surprise, but before long the questions started”•and not everyone enjoys explaining in detail how gay sex works.

While watching TV together one day, B.B. and Mikk happened upon a talk show about LGBT teens coming out to their friends and family, and realized that the questions the teens were fielding were the same type of questions they kept getting at that age.

As the teenagers on the show were from less accepting areas than Long Beach, they themselves didn’t always know the answers to the questions they were being asked. The two friends realized that a handbook about being LGBT would help a lot of people”•and so never having seen one, they wrote it themselves.

B.B. told 429Magazine that the book came out of a wish “that there would eventually be a time when the LGBT community and the non LGBT community would see each other and not even consider their separate lifestyles … but only the quality of person. To get to that place, there would have to be a starting point and being informed is a great starting point, the book is about informing people.”

Illustrated with simplistic pictures of people asking questions such as “if [you’re] gay, how come you don’t dress better?” The book details answers to many questions commonly asked of LGBT teens and older. Despite the title, it would also be a valuable source of information to the uninformed but questioning or newly out LGBT person, whose questions will very likely be much the same as a straight person’s.

The Kickstarter campaign can be found here; it’s aiming for a modest $1,700 by May 17.

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