NFL pushing for LGBT protection and inclusion


The National Football League announced a new move aiming to improve protection for gay players against harassment and discrimination. With the promise of posters hanging in locker rooms that emphasize the league’s anti-discrimination policies, the NFL will promote a “culture of inclusion” for gay players, it said.

“My office is committed to ensuring equal protection under the law for all employees and job applicants no matter where they work,” New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman announced on Tuesday.

“And I applaud the NFL for working cooperatively with our office to address these issues. Together we are sending a powerful message that discrimination and harassment will not be tolerated in any form.”

The agreement will also include a more comprehensive version of the policy in the rookie symposium as well as a statement from Commissioner Roger Goodell in the player handbook. 

“We reviewed our long-standing anti-discrimination policy with our teams at our league meeting in March,” said NFL spokesman Greg Aiello, as the policy hasn’t changed, only the communication. 

“We more recently met with the New York Attorney General’s office to reiterate that policy and our plans to reinforce it to our players, teams and staff in the near future.”

It will be distributed in all 32 NFL teams with the promise that complaints will be reviewed, investigated and confidential. 

The NFL will maintain their zero-tolerance policy of discrimination with periodical reports to the Attorney General’s office to ensure progress.

There is currently no openly gay player in major American sports. Recently, three draft picks had been asked if they were gay, but the NFL said they found no “specific violations.”


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