French anti-gay protesters get violent


Same-sex equality supporters in France are still rejoicing over Tuesday’s decision to legalize same-sex marriage, but with the celebration came outraged anti-gay protesters who turned violent.

After a peaceful protest, organizers asked people to leave quietly, but some 500 protesters took things to another level when masked assailants began throwing metal cans, bars and glass bottles. 

As people became more riled up, they started retaliating against police, leaving one officer injured after a protester threw a brick at his head. 

Police tried controlling the crowd with tear gas, which angered them more, turning them against journalists covering the incident by chasing them down streets and cursing at them.

At least 12 people were arrested and the anti-gay protesters say that they will not give up and continue to fight for what they call traditional marriage.

Last week, legislators were receiving threats from anti-marriage equality activists and crimes against same-sex couples has been reportedly rising.

The bill passed with 331 votes for same-sex marriage and 225 against it, making it the 14th country to legalize same-sex marriage. French Justice Minister Christiane Taubira said that nuptials will begin taking place as early as June of this year. 

“Those protesting today will find themselves moved by the joy of the newlyweds,” Taubira told Parliament.

This isn’t the first time things get out of hand at an anti-gay protest, an estimated 300,000 people in Paris marched in an anti-gay protest last month, a gathering that also ended in police firing tear gas at people jumping barricades.


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