Germany: Merkel’s party excluded from Pride Parade


The Christian Democratic Party of German Chancellor Angela Merkel has been excluded from the June 22 Pride Parade event due to their anti-equal marriage stance.ӬӬ

During the annual festival, dubbed Christopher Street Day, celebrating gay pride and promoting an awareness of gay politics, about a half a million revelers fill the streets of Berlin.

In protest against the CDU’s stance, this year’s parade motto will be: “No more empty speeches! Demonstrate! Vote! Change!”

Chancellor Merkel is up for re-election in September and is unlikely to offer her support for gay marriage due to her conservative party’s overall reluctance to endorse LGBT legislation.

Even in the wake of the French government’s dramatic national vote to approve equal marriage, including adoption rights, Germany remains unlikely to change on their positions concerning LGBT rights. “¨”¨

Merkel has a history of rejecting LGBT rights. Her most recent incident includes a failure to implement a ruling by Germany’s highest Constitutional Court from March that would have given tax breaks and adoption rights to LGBT couples at the same rate as straight couples.

A recent poll conducted in February 2013 found that 74 percent of the German people supported same-sex marriage, with only 23 percent against.

Germany has passed civil unions.


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