Irish men’s sauna owner wins unfair dismissal suit


In Ireland, a men’s sauna club owner has been compensated $32,500 after he has wrongly dismissed from his job as a hotel leisure center manager. Eamon Ryan, 44, claimed he was fired in August 2010 because of an anti-gay reaction to his other business.

Ryan, a married father, told the Employment Appeals hearing that his sauna business was incorporated in January 2010 and that he held a directorship role. General Manager at the Charleville Park Hotel Brendan Comerford said that an anonymous phone call was made in July 2010 notifying him of this fact.

Ryan described the hotel’s response as a “homophobic knee-jerk reaction.”

However, Comerford countered that it was Ryan who first mentioned the sexual orientation of his club’s clientele and made reference to the “pink pound.” He said it was an issue of dishonesty and a breach of contract.

“The Tribunal has found that I was duly unfairly dismissed, and I am pleased that my character and reputation has been exonerated. I would like to thank my wife and her family for their support throughout,” said Ryan in a statement.

His wife, Niamh Ryan, had told the appeal that there had been a “horrendous” impact on the couple’s financial situation. She claimed at one stage they had to burn a floor in their house to heat their home.


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