Homophobic tweets surfaced after France passed marriage equality


After France passed equality marriage on April 23 protests have erupted in the streets. Anti-equality demonstrators  have become violent, provoking fear in the streets. 

A tweet has surfaced on social media site, Twitter with the hashtag #MortAuxGay (meaning, ‘death to gays’) and #ilfauttuerleshomosexuels (‘we must kill all gays’). ‘Death to Gays’ hashtag has become a Twitter Trending Topics page and is the popular go-to-phrase for homophobic Twitter-users. 

The issue of equality marriage has created division in France with strong opinions on both sides. The intensity is so high that violent riots have broken out in the streets. Equality marriage is a huge progressive and social push for France and President Francois Hollande is scheduled to sign the bill once it clears the constitutional council. 

After a peaceful protest, organizers asked people to leave quietly, but some 500 protesters took things to another level when masked assailants began throwing metal cans, bars and glass bottles.

As people became more riled up, they started retaliating against police, leaving one officer injured after a protester threw a brick at his head.

Police tried controlling the crowd with tear gas, which angered them more, turning them against journalists covering the incident by chasing them down streets and cursing at them.

At least 12 people were arrested and the anti-gay protesters say that they will not give up and continue to fight for what they call traditional marriage.

Article contributors, Jane Eisner and Jeanette Obaldia


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