Anti-gay French MP’s accidental vote for equality


Anti-gay member of the French Parliament, Henri Guaino, somehow managed to vote in favor of marriage equality during the April 23 vote. 

The author of a book opposing pro-equality legislation, he admitted to the press that he had pushed the wrong button during the debate, and went to the Assembly to have it changed after he realized his mistake.

He put the blame for his error on the “chaos” going on. According to Pink News, he said, “Did you see the chaos in there? I’ve never seen such a mess in the Assembly. There were three buttons flashing, and I pressed the wrong button.”

In wake of recent events, where people known to be gay have been attacked in the streets and politicians have received threats, the large crowd of people gathered outside the National Assembly building, both for and against marriage equality, were being watched over by a multitude of police officers stationed there, armed with water cannons. 

The bill was passed in the National Assembly’s lower house 331 – 225, making marriage equality and the adoption of children by same-sex couples just one step away from becoming the law of the land in France.

The bill will become law once it is signed by President Francois Hollande, who formally approved it in November 2012. Justice Minister Christiane Taubira said that the first same-sex weddings will be in June; industry professionals are planning France’s first same-sex marriage show for the last weekend in April.


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