Play review: I’m Not Ok, Cupid :(


Enter: A gay couple tied to chairs quarrel over their taste in fine art as they are being robbed. They mercilessly (and hilariously) pawn off each other’s prized belongings. The two theives raiding their home maintain an equal level of contention typical to romantic relationships. These parallel disputes matched with the back and forth firing of cynicism and affection presented in this first act is kept up throughout the entire production, keeping the audience stimulated in the endearing opening night of “Love and Other Disasters, I’m Not Ok, Cupid :(” 

It is this multifaceted methodology delving into the realities of love and society, gender roles and norms, ego and acceptance that allows “I’m Not Ok, Cupid :(” to resonate with all audiences. A series of seven comedic one-act plays with an LGBT bend, the production offers insight (and disparagement) towards contemporary love in the hashtag generation. 

The compilation imparts a relentless amount of wit (Lollipops); provocative, even carnal moments (Four Dry Tongues); hope for true love (Goodbye Cupid); flashes of clarity and letting go (That Bitch); ruthlessly close to home accounts of sibling rivalry (The Parenthetical Trap); and even cunning spins on Shakespeare and Chekhov (Arlecchino’s Last Prank). 

The goal of the production was to present the “consistent ups and downs in the world of love,” said Producer and Executive Director (and writer of Goodbye Cupid) Rodney Rhoda Taylor in an interview with 429Magazine. 

As a follow up to last year’s theme, “Love and Other Disasters, I’m Not Ok, Cupid :(” exposes an honest perspective on the internal ongoings of romance. Though undoubtedly laced with attitude and defiance, the collection of plays also tenders traces of incredible sweetness and intimacy, bequeathing spectators with reasons for laughter.

With an exceedingly genuine approach, “I’m Not Ok, Cupid 🙁 ” leaves viewers feeling as if their love lives may be a little more normal than they think.

“I’m Not Ok, Cupid :(” runs through May 4th at the Shelton Theatre, 533 Sutter. 


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