Father and son soldiers to bike 1,800 miles to protest Boy Scouts gay ban


Two Idaho Falls soldiers will bike 1,800 miles to protest the Boy Scouts of America’s gay ban. Army Specialist Joe McGrath and his father, former intelligence officer Dave McGrath, will bike from Grand Teton Council in Idaho Falls to Irving, Texas, the headquarters of the BSA.

The BSA has banned gay scouts less than 18-years-old.

“In Gulf War I, I was a Korean linguist. I have six sons, two of whom are gay,” said Dave McGrath, who is also a lifelong scout. “I have an identical twin brother who is an Eagle Scout, and he’s gay. I love the Boy Scouts. I wish them all the best, and yet they discriminate against people I love.”  

For Joe McGrath, he’s a supporter for equality and wished the same belief would be indoctrinated in the BSA.

“There’s people out there who aren’t given the chance to go to Boy Scouts, or, you know, it’s something they love and all of a sudden they’re getting kicked out,” said Joe McGrath. 

“This is a movement that really needs to be done. I’m a big believer in equal rights and equality. It’s values everybody should have – respect. When you discriminate like this you’re taking that completely out.”

Dave McGrath is still weary even with the ban discriminating against gay parents.

“Some of us have gay people that we love,” said Dave McGrath. “Typically in Boy Scouts, the parents are involved. It dawned on me, the thing to do was to write my 95 objections to their stupid policy and pin it on Boy Scout headquarters door.”

Keeping an online journal for the trip, the father and son duo will begin their trek on May 3.


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